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Wilcom Hatch: How to Create Separate Underlay

In this video, I’ll show you how to create separate under for letters—and why that might not be a good thing to do. However, the technique is useful in other situations. While you my never need to do exactly what I show in this video, you will see how to use a variety of tools […]

Wilcom Hatch: Auto-digitizing—How to Convert artwork to an Embroidery Design

A quick look at auto-digitizing. Originally posted to a FaceBook group over a year ago, I’ve just added a few more annotations for this version. (This video is in Hatch v1.) A common question I see on Facebook is, “How do I convert my jpg/png/image to a pes/jef/hus file?” Well, you can’t, because image files […]

Wilcom Hatch – Creating Striped Letters using a TT Font

A full start-to-end tutorial in Hatch Embroidery (Digitizer level) to recreate a simple Irish logo design for St. Patrick’s Day using TrueType fonts, an ornament extracted from the Monogramming tools, plus digitizing the simple hat from scratch. Learn how to create borders and outlines on letters, how to use the Break Apart tool, how to […]

Wilcom Hatch: How to Add Your Own Accent Marks to Lettering

If your desired font is missing those special accented characters, here’s how to add your own while still maintaining the integrity of a single text object. No need to use Break Apart or create a separate text object. WARNING! This tutorial assumes you already know how to use basic keyboard lettering. The focus is on […]

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