Digital Products

Due to the digital nature of our products and their ability to be reproduced, all sales are final. We are unable to refund or exchange any of our products.  Products are made available for instant download as soon as an order is placed.

Thank you for your cooperation with and understanding of this policy.

Physical Products

Please contact us before returning any physical products. Non-digital products can be returned within 30 days as long as their original packaging is intact.

Design CDs Purchased at Events and Digital Products Requiring Shipping

If you’re having a problem with a design CD purchased from our booth, please contact us with specific details (event where purchased, collection purchased, etc.) and we’ll be happy to help you. Usually we can email you any replacement files immediately while you wait on a replacement CD to arrive.

Please note that Windows 10 has discontinued support for QuickTime. This means any support videos using that  format will not run on Windows 10. There are no plans to reformat those videos. This primarily only affects the Generations training course materials. The videos will still run on Windows 8 and below provided you have enough system resources and of course they currently run on any version of Macintosh OS.

There are programs that will convert MOV files to other formats, most likely free ones. For the entire course, there 60 videos that can easily be converted. There are also 27 embedded QT videos that may not be so easily converted. Note that this would only be necessary if you are running Windows 10.