Downloadable Digital Products

We make it easy and convenient to enjoy your designs. They’re available at any time via instant download when you log into your customer account. You’ll also receive an email with your purchase receipt and link to your downloads.

Note: You don’t need this to get your designs; they’re all safely stored in your account. If you aren’t getting these emails, check your spam folder or check your account to make sure you’ve entered your email address correctly.

To redownload any previous purchases, log in to your account, view orders, and download as needed. You should make a backup of your downloaded purchases in case of unforeseen loss of the shopping cart.

If your emailed links don’t work, please log into your account and access your designs that way.

If you have any trouble with your downloads, please contact us and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. It’s helpful if you can provide some information on the nature of the problem!


Shipped Digital Products

Some products are too large for efficient downloading and will be shipped either on CD or DVD or can be sent by DropBox or other method. Physical shipping for overseas customers is not available without extra shipping fees and we’ll contact you with a DropBox link for you to retrieve your product. Be sure to back it up.

Free shipping is NOT AVAILABLE to overseas customers on any products.

Physical Products

Physical products are normally shipped within 2-5 business days of payment and often the same day. You’ll be notified by email if there’s a longer delay.

Free shipping is NOT AVAILABLE to overseas customers on any products.


Accounts with invalid data, obscene or profane language or excessive repeated downloads are subject to deletion without notice! Also, old accounts with no recent activity and only free design downloads are subject to a similar fate.