NOT GETTING EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS? (Password resets, order notifications, etc.)

Common reasons:

  • You mistyped your email
  • Your mailbox is full
  • You have a “spam protector” that requires new email contacts to be approved
  • Your provider is blocking emails from this site. I see messages from MSN, Yahoo, Hotmail, and the Charter/Spectrum/Time Warner network that the message was not delivered.

These mean EVEN IF YOU EMAIL ME, MY REPLIES MAY NEVER BE DELIVERED. That’s something YOU have to fix. If I reply and it’s blocked, I can’t help you.


When you register for an account, the system sends a confirmation email. If you do not confirm your account AND you have no orders that generated an invoice, your account will be deleted after 2 weeks.

Why? To prevent spambots from creating fake accounts that can cause bloat and other disasters.


PayPal errors occur on the PayPal website so I have no information about what, when, why, or how they occur.

If you get a PayPal error on checkout and it says to contact the site owner, that doesn’t tell me anything. What error? What were you doing when the error was displayed?

Generally, PayPal errors are few and interestingly, not global. In other words, other Paypal orders are coming in fine. It’s something either with your cart contents, your Paypal data, or how you are paying.

To help me help you, I need to know the following:

  • PayPal error number (you can Google this but chances are, it won’t narrow it down a lot)
  • When in the process the error occurred, what were you doing when you got the message
  • Once at Paypal, did you choose Paypal or another method of payment? Which one? (I don’t need your cc#)
  • What were you trying to order?
  • Are you using coupons? (If the coupon is for a free item and you have no other paid products in your cart, you shouldn’t even be at PayPal.)

Generally, I have to contact my Paypal Account rep to figure out the problem. And I when I do get him, he’ll ask me all that above stuff. And then, he might have to contact further support. So to save 5 days of back and forth, tell me all that stuff first.

So far, there’s never been a fix I have to do on the site. I suspect this is just a ruse to avoid having you call PayPal and do a shift-the-blame sort of thing to the site owner.

Things to try:

  • If you’re using a credit card through Paypal, check the numbers and expiration date or try a different card
  • If you want to use multiple coupons, (our coupon system won’t work with multiples) try separating your order for each coupon.


If you find an issue or are having a problem, check the quick list below. If that doesn’t help, use the Contact Form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

I do read every email and try to respond to as many as I can, as quickly as I can, but things can back up or get missed or forgotten on occasion, so my apologies if I don’t get back to you immediately. Unfortunately, I am unable to take phone calls and the best way to contact me is through this page.

Because I am a solo-preneur wearing many hats, I ask that you please help me out by reviewing the extensive FAQs page first. It’s likely that you can find a solution quickly.


If you’re new here; check out the Getting Started FAQs.


The order history works differently in this system. You can view orders that display what you ordered and when. The downloadable files have all been moved to a different section that can be accessed by clicking the Downloads button. 

Not sure I like this arrangement but it is what it is.


When you download design sets at Lindee G Embroidery, there are multiple download choices. The various design formats listed ONLY contain designs. Items are separated to keep the downloads small and efficient and also to conserve space on the server by avoiding redundancy. 

Individual designs generally have all the files zipped into one download.

All designs will have a color sequence list. Not all design sets have instructions!

For example, if you are downloading a FSL or appliqué set or design that isn’t part of project set, don’t expect to find instructions on how to stitch them. There are blog posts on my site about various embroidery techniques if you’re unfamiliar with stitching these kinds of designs.


If a format is missing a design, it’s usually because it was too large for that format. Be sure to download the most current format your machine will use. Also, DST & EXP will always have all the sizes. 

If you use this contact form to email me, it comes to me and at least one other person. It also comes into two different email accounts on my computer and it’s highlighted in yellow. It’s hard for me to miss if it gets to my inbox!

If, on the other hand, you’ve replied on an order or on a newsletter, it may be missed entirely. I get a TON of email and use filters to route it into folders and help prioritize it. I definitely won’t see any messages on an order that is for only free stuff.

Also, if you have questions about orders or the website, Facebook and YouTube are not the place to get a fast answer from me. Messages in Facebook Messenger have been known to just disappear.

Emails generated by this contact form have a much higher visibility and priority and are more likely to get a quicker response.

If you haven’t logged in since 8/21/2019, the site is all new and you’ll need to click “Lost your password?” on the the Login screen to get a new one. 

DO NOT TRY TO REGISTER AGAIN! Emails must be unique and you can’t create a new account with the same email. If you use a different email, it won’t give you access to products in your old account.

If you know you’ve entered everything correctly and your account is confirmed:

  • It may be a browser issue (try clearing your cache or using a different browser)
  • It may also happen if you haven’t logged in in a very long time because the shop is now on it’s 5th shopping cart system
  • Request a new password. (Be sure to check your junk/spam mail to see if it came there if you don’t see it within a few minutes.)

I cannot check your password to see if it’s correct. If you can’t get the password to work, I can manually reset it for you and send it to you.

These messages are automatically generated and sent immediately after you press the submit button. However, you may not receive it immediately – or ever.

If not, make sure :

  • You’ve whitelisted Lindee G Embroidery
  • You’ve checked your spam folder
  • You’re not using an email account that requires me to submit a request to be approved

If after a reasonable time you still haven’t received an email, contact me and I’ll sort it out.

Don’t keep trying. If it doesn’t work after the first or second time, it’s not likely to. Instead, use the contact form and I can let the system create new password send it to you.

This was a problem with the previous site and may no longer be an issue. Just in case…

  • Keeps looping back to checkout. Make sure you’ve clicked the checkbox to confirm the terms and conditions.
  • Spinning Icon I get occasional reports that the checkout process never completes and the cursor just spins (“spinning icon”). This is beyond my control but not beyond yours. Quit your browser and reopen and/or try a different browser.

Some coupons apply to only specific products, most coupons cannot be combined on the same order.

If a coupon doesn’t work, the primary reasons are:

  • The code doesn’t match (“welcome back” instead of “WelcomeBack”)
  • The code has expired (either date or number of uses)
  • The related product is not in the cart
  • The product is otherwise on special
  • You’ve already applied another coupon

If you feel there is an error that shouldn’t be, please let me know and I’ll look into it.

When you create a shop account, an email is automatically sent to you that you must confirm to activate your account. Whitelist Lindee G Embroidery to make sure you can receive emails from us.

This step is to make sure that you are really you and that your email address is valid. If you don’t confirm the link in the email, you can’t log in.

If you have “spam prevention email” that email may go into your junk folder or it may send me an email that then I have to do something to get approved. (I won’t…so you’ll never get any email.

Until you confirm your account, it will remain blocked. Confirmaton is required to prevent fake/bad/fraudulent accounts from being created.

Your account will also become blocked when you submit a request for a password reset and will remain in that state until you complete the process via the email that is sent.

If you have an older account then don’t make yourself crazy; if you can’t log in or are having troubles resetting your password, just let me know and I’ll reset your password manually.

Please don’t wait until the last minute before a special expires to do it!

If you send me a Contact request, I generally answer as soon as I see it.

But I’m not always connected so the answer may not be immediate. Also, if you email me through replying on orders or newsletters, I may miss the message entirely. The contact form will come in highlighted in yellow and is easily visible.

If you don’t hear back from me within, say 24 hours, please resend your email. It may have dissolved in cyberspace.

If you’ve purchased products since 8/21/2019, then you’ll have a link to your order. If you didn’t download products after completing the checkout, then log into your account and access them from the downloads button.

If you’re trying to access products from orders generated from the old system, they won’t work. Your products are still in your account, just log in to see your account history.


At this time, I no longer provide custom digitizing or custom embroidery work.


If you are a company promoting your digitizing services, I do not send out work. All designs are done in-house by me. There are only three ways I would consider working with you:

  1. You digitize with the same software I do (Punto or Wilcom—IOW, native PDC or EMB files).
  2. You are an outstanding digitizer of creative designs, not just logos.
  3. You work cheaper than me for producing stock designs for this site (which basically means you work for free).


If my SEO is so bad, how did you find me in the first place? Skip on to another site, please. I’m not interested.


If you do need further assistance, please be explicit about the details as to what is happening and what you’ve done to solve the issue. “It doesn’t work” is not helpful.


The system will immediately send you an autoresponse. If you don’t get that notification, you probably won’t see my reply. The most common reasons are:

  • It went into your spam folder (and my response might go there too)
  • You entered your email incorrectly so you won’t get ANY response
  • Your provider is blocking emails from this site

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