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Website Updates!

This website is all new again as of August 21, 2019. Check this article for ongoing issues!. Most of this has been sent out in emails to newsletter subscribers, so if you’re part of that in crowd, you’ll already know this.  It’s Alive! The new site went live last week and we’re still ironing out […]

Shortcuts to Success

I’ve compiled a list of the most frequent complaints I see in the various machine embroidery groups I’m in. Often there’s no short answer to these issues because usually there’s more than one cause! I will try to update this page with more links as I have them. Or, just search the blog. Related articles […]

Why is My Bobbin Thread Showing on Top of My Embroidery?

The root cause of bobbin thread showing on the top side of machine embroidery is tension. Your job as an embroidery detective is to determine what’s causing the tensions problem so you can avoid tension headaches. Learn common causes and their solutions!