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Comparing Fonts: Embrilliance & Hatch

Because I use both Hatch and Embrilliance, I often get questions along the lines of “which one is best?” Recently that question has popped up about fonts so here’s what you need to know! Well, the answer is each one has something it does better than the other and if you’re serious about embroidery, you […]


Sometimes you just need a tote bag with a little more pizzaz than you can get by embellishing a premade one. Fortunately tote bags are easy to make with only basic sewing skillis and relatively fast with the added benefit that a flat piece of fabric is way easier to embroider than a tubular, ready made bag, especially when stitching on a domestic, flat bed machine.

Why You Should Stop Color Sorting Every Design


Ask most any novice embroiderer and they’ll tell you they love color sorting. Bernina thought it was so wonderful that they built it into one of their machines as a “feature” for when you combine multiple designs. Ask any embroidery software developer and they’ll sing it’s praises too. Me? It makes me want to sing […]

BX Machine Embroidery Fonts

Looking for high quality machine embroidery fonts that are keyboard-friendly? Keyboard fonts, those embroidery fonts you can insert by simply selecting a font from a menu and typing as you would in most any computer app, instead of combining individual design files consisting of one character per file, are infinitely easier and more efficient to […]

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