BX Machine Embroidery Fonts

BX Machine Embroidery Fonts

Looking for high quality machine embroidery fonts that are keyboard-friendly?

Keyboard fonts, those embroidery fonts you can insert by simply selecting a font from a menu and typing as you would in most any computer app, instead of combining individual design files consisting of one character per file, are infinitely easier and more efficient to use.

Check out our growing selection in the Alphabets section of our on-line shop. Here you'll find a large range of small fonts not available elsewhere plus fonts in 1, 2, and 3" size.

The stated font size is based on the main portion of an uppercase letter (baseline to cap height); not the actual letter size. This means some larger font sizes won't fit a 4 x 4" hoop.

The smaller fonts are great for logos, labels, and names. Alphabets are full sets with numbers, punctuation, and upper and lowercase letters as available. Monogram sets are typically more complex letters in uppercase only.

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All fonts are manually digitized—not TrueType conversions. After digitizing and testing, each character is extracted into a separate file, then those files are imported into Embrilliance, aligned and made into a BX font.

How to Use as Keyboard Fonts

All you need to do is drag and drop the downloaded file onto an Embrilliance or Embroidery Works program and they're installed. Don't have one of these programs yet? Check out the free Embrilliance Express program and you can still work with BX fonts.

Want to convert previously purchased letter and monogram design files into an easy-to-use keyboard font? Then you'll need more than the free version. Check out AlphaTricks for more font features.

Embrilliance offers a range of modules to provide just the level of tools you need from customizing to full-on digitizing. Check out all the Embrilliance products here.

Where to Find BX Fonts

Check out our growing library of keyboard ready BX fonts, also available as individual stitch files if you refuse to use a BX-capable program.

BX Font Sampler 1 from Lindee G EmbroideryBX Font Sampler 2 from Lindee G Embroidery

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