Wilcom Hatch: How to Create Separate Underlay

In this video, I’ll show you how to create separate under for letters—and why that might not be a good thing to do. However, the technique is useful in other situations.

While you my never need to do exactly what I show in this video, you will see how to use a variety of tools in Hatch to accomplish various tasks. These include:

  • Creating a negative offset (offset within a shape)
  • Using the Remove Overlaps tool
  • Using the Knife tool
  • How to Add and Remove Stitch Angles
  • Tips for resequencing

Yes, I do move fast to keep the video from dragging and if it’s too fast for you, just pause and back up.



Try Hatch for Free

Hatch works natively on Windows and runs well on Parallels on a Mac. Four levels are available to suit your needs. Upgrade as your skills and needs advance.

Native EMB formats are included with LindeeG sets digitized in Wilcom software.

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