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Wilcom Hatch: Making a Custom Border

Adding your own custom borders and shapes to your own library is easy! We’ll make a Christmas ornament from included shapes in Hatch v2, use the weld tool, create a new library, and add the shape. If you only have Hatch v1, you can still make a shape but you’ll have to access them from […]

Wilcom Hatch: Managing Connections in Lettering

After a recent video on how to turn satin letters into backstitch letters as shown here, a couple of questions were asked: Why didn’t I use the Redwork tool Why didn’t I branch the entire word How to connect the letters to avoid jumps & trims Watch to find out! Also covered; 4 reasons why […]

Wilcom Hatch – Creating Quilted Letters from Satin Letters

One of the big advantages of object-based lettering over stitch file letters is that you have more creative options. in this video, we’ll look at turning built-in lettering in Hatch into quilting outlines. In this video: Using Break Apart Deleting travel stitches Applying a different stitch type Using the Branching tool

Wilcom Hatch 2: How to Digitize Easy Perfect Fancy Spirals with Weld & Elastic Fills

You can make fancy spirals quickly and easily in Hatch version 2 with this simple technique! In this video: How to draw a spiral using the Digitize Open Shape to create a single Using the Create Outlines & Offsets tool on lines with rounded ends to turn the line into a closed shape Using the […]

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