Wilcom Hatch: Making a Custom Border

Adding your own custom borders and shapes to your own library is easy! We’ll make a Christmas ornament from included shapes in Hatch v2, use the weld tool, create a new library, and add the shape.

If you only have Hatch v1, you can still make a shape but you’ll have to access them from the Monogram Frames area and you’ll have to use a different method for making it. Also, since there’s no weld tool in v1, you’ll have to make your shape as one piece some other way – possibly use the create outlines to trace around it.



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Hatch works natively on Windows and runs well on Parallels on a Mac. Four levels are available to suit your needs. Upgrade as your skills and needs advance.

Native EMB formats are included with LindeeG sets digitized in Wilcom software.


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