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Wilcom Hatch: Auto Applique + How Settings Work

Auto applique is a cinch in Hatch. I’ll show you how to make a basic applique and then go over the various options on the settings the Objects Properties so you can customize them for how you do applique. With an EMB file, you can always adjust those settings whenever you change technique!

Wilcom Hatch: Applique Part 2 – Removing Overlaps

Auto-applique is in Wilcom Hatch is fast and easy and can be modified to eliminate bulk using partial applique. With a little minor surgery, you can repair the jumps left in the design. See how in this video. Part 1 covered how to create an auto applique and understand what the settings mean. Watch it […]

Wilcom Hatch – How to Digitize Key Fobs

Learn how to digitize a snap tab or key fob without any artwork using Wilcom Hatch. Includes important tips for stitching on vinyl. We’ll be using a built in font, the create outlines tool, and we’ll use the rectangle tool in the digitizing tool box. I’ll cover cloning, alignment, and setting the design for stitching […]

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