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How to Get Accurate Hoop Placement Quickly & Easily


What’s the first thing you notice about embroidery on an item? Placement! What’s the second thing you notice about embroidery on an item? That’s it smooth, wrinkle and ripple-free, and that it has good registration (no gaps). Both of these are a function of hooping. For embroidery quality, you must hoop in the right location […]

How to Use the Echidna Hooping Station

Learn why hooping is critical to the success of your machine embroidery and how to make it more accurate and efficient using a hooping aid. Tips on marking your project and alignment and pre-tensioning your hoop. See why having the right hooping station can make your embroidery time more fun and more productive with better […]

How to Recreate the Look of Hand-Stitched Hardanger with Machine Embroidery

Create a beautiful heirloom machine embroidered Hardanger ring bearer wedding pillow that will become a memento treasured for generations in just a few hours with the Hardanger embroidery design collection from Lindee G Embroidery. Related Articles Free Hardanger Machine Embroidery Design Related Products

How to Quilt in the Hoop with Your Embroidery Machine for a Fast QAYG

How to make a Fast Quilt as You Go Embroidered Quilt using the It’s A Girl! designs from Lindee G Embroidery. Quilting in the hoop makes intricate designs quick and easy for the non-quilter. Tips for using embroidery designs for quilting plus how piece quilt blocks together using quilt-as-you-go techniques. Make this quilt in just […]

How to Machine Embroider Piece-in-the-Hoop Quilting Designs

Piecing with your embroidery machine can produce perfect designs every time – provided you accurately cut and place the pieces. Find out how to do it and see a quick project. Related Articles Cabin Fever: Piecing in the Hoop How to Embroider Victorian Crazy Patch In-the-Hoop Related Products

How to Machine Embroider on Ribbon with Metallic Thread

Embroidering on ribbon presents a few problems: ribbon cannot be securely hooped between the rings of the hoop, accurate design placement is difficult, and the tight weave is not conducive to the additional thread applied by embroidery. With a little know-how, you can easily surmount these problems. Watch this video on how to do it! […]

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