Video Training Series for Embrilliance Essentials

Have you seen Embrilliance Essentials yet?

In this video, I just have a little fun creating a simple design just using the built in fonts. You’ll see how easy it is to select font styles, see how they look, and resize, mirror and rotate them.


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I’ve been mentioning Embrilliance Essentials, which was released at Christmas, and Convert It Mac, which was released in 2008, for quite a while. For one thing, as a long-time Mac user, I prefer to work and design in OSX not in Windows and until recently, we Mac users haven’t had much of choice.

Embrilliance Essentials is a feature packed program with the essentials most embroiderers demand AND when you purchase it, you can run it on any of your Windows machines plus your Mac. What other programs let you do that? Usually, you must make a choice.

Notice that I said “essentials most embroiderers demand.” This is not a complicated digitizing or editing program. It is more like a customizing program with built-in lettering and some interactive designs.


So what are the “essentials” in Embrilliance Essentials? Using your Mac or Windows PC you can:

  • Merge embroidery designs in almost any format, even while they are in .ZIPs.
  • Resize, with stitch recalculation.
  • Colorize.
  • Convert Thread Brands on your designs.
  • Add lettering in Multi-Line, Monogram and Circle modes. You can even spiral text or make really LARGE letters.
  • Save in your machine’s format.
  • Save working files so that you can edit text later.
  • Overlap designs and have significant understitching removed.
  • Run a simulator to show how your designs will sew out.
  • Group/ Ungroup
  • Change or remove individual colors in a design.
  • Color sort a design.
  • Have many chances to Undo your work.
  • There are special, self-modifying designs that can be used, and some come with the program. These designs calculate their stitches as you play with them for super results!
  • Intel Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard) and later (including Lion)
  • Windows XP 32-bit, Windows Vista 32/64, Windows 7 32/64
  • Embrilliance is the only brand in the World that offers embroidery software running native on Mac and Windows 32 and Windows 64 (so it’s faster)!


If you look at the features list, you’ll see that there are other similar programs on the market that seemingly perform the same tasks. One may have been included by your machine vendor. So why would you want or need another? Because Essentials is easier, cleaner, and makes sense.

What I like about Essentials is that it’s simple and intuitive. You don’t have to go into this screen to do this thing and that to do something else. In techy terms, it’s non-modal. You can add text and edit it.

  • Don’t like the size? Change it!
  • Don’t like the font? Pick a new one.
  • Misspelled something? You can correct it.
  • Want to apply a shape? Pick one and play with it until you like it. When I say “change it,” I mean you are modifying the original text not creating a new version of it.

To put this into perspective, if you have 5D Extra, a highly modal program, you can’t modify a text block. You have to create a new one. And then when you’re done, you have to combine it even if it’s the only thing on the screen. No wonder that program never made any sense to me.

Extra won’t let you save anything bigger than your hoop but Essentials does. This means I can create a big layout and save it and then break it into manageable chunks for the target hoop. And Essentials costs *way* less than Extra.


Of course, everyone says great things about their software. You can get a much better feel for a program by watching a demo.

I’ve created some YouTube videos where you can watch me perform common tasks in the program. I’ll be adding more over time so check my YouTube channel for the latest.


One of the most common changes done to a design is resizing it. This is seldom difficult with designs you create within a program but is more challenging when working with stitch files. See how Embrilliance Essentials excels at this task.


Interactive designs are a special design type and the program comes with 10 pre-installed. These designs are “native” files and Essentials can scale and reshape them with a greater degree of flexibility than stitch files. Satin stitches are automatically converted to a special fill type when their length exceeds a certain value.

More interactives are planned!


  • Embrilliance software is often available in our shop as a physical product that will be shipped (U.S. only) or as digital download from Embrilliance
    • Not sure? Download a demo version to try out any ot the apps or get the free version, previously known as Alpha Tricks Express, now known as Embrilliance Express to open access to the thousands of keyboard fonts available as BX installer files


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