FAQs About Candlewick Medallions Download

Please check this list before contacting me—it might answer your question much more quickly!

Q: The shopping cart says it doesn’t recognize my email.

A: The shopping cart is separate from the email system. If you’ve never downloaded anything from the cart, you’ll need to set up an account.

Note: The shop has been migrated to new shop software several times since this was originally posted. While accounts transferred, some may have lost track of their original passwords. If you’re having trouble logging in or resetting your password, use the contact form to send me a message and I’ll manually reset it.

The emails you get as newsletters and updates come from a different system. If you download any freebies or purchase any products, you get automated notices concerning your transactions from the shopping cart system. I can’t send mass emails, such as newsletters, from the shopping cart.

Go here to set up an account. This is secure server and your information is not shared.

Q: I have set up a shopping cart account but it doesn’t recognize my email and password.

Revision 10/2016: The shopping cart was recently migrated. If you haven’t logged in since the migration, you’ll need to create a new password.

This shop requires you to use a secure password to meet more stringent standards. If you have difficulty creating on the system likes, please contact me and I’ll manually reset it for you.

Q: Can I run multiple browsers? I already have IE.

A: Yes you can have multiple browsers.

Q: I registered but I still see the price $39.95

A: You need to get the coupon code from your email after confirming. You should get that once you fill out the sign-up form and then click the link in the confirmation email.

Q: I didn’t get a confirmation email.

A: If you filled in the sign up form, the confirmation email is sent out immediately. You may not get it immediately depending on your ISP and your email provider.

Try signing up again. You can use the form in the upper right hand corner of this window.

If it says you are already registered, wait a bit. If you still don’t get a message, the request will time out in 12 hours and you can try again. It is not possible for me to delete anyone who has been sent a confirm message until they are confirmed.

Also, check your spam folder and then review the 4 most likely reasons for not getting emails  (I can’t fix them for you) and register again. Also, it might be that your request did not get processed. Several people have reported that clearing cookies solved the problem. The 4 most common reasons for not receiving confirmation emails:

  1. You mistyped your email address
  2. The confirmation went to your SPAM folder
  3. Your ISP blocked the email (call your provider to unblock Aweber) and make sure lindeegembroidery.com is whitelisted in your email program
  4. You’re using an email service that requires new senders to confirm themselves. Using an auto-responder system like this, I will not get this message. You should not use a system like this for lists. Set up a separate email account with Google Gmail or something for all you subscriptions.

Q: I tried signing up for the newsletter but it won’t let me. Or, it says I’m already confirmed.

This means you’ve previously registered for the newsletter and confirmed your subscription. You can’t register multiple times. If you’re not getting the newsletter, login on this site and in the newletter subscription box, you can update your subscription.

Q: I got the confirmation email but didn’t get the coupon code.

A: Did you click the link in the confirmation email? If you did, then you should get another email (usually within a few minutes) with the code.

I see quite a few people who signed up  but did not click the confirmation link. If you aren’t getting the thank-you email, call your provider to unblock Aweber.

Q: Where do you type the coupon code?

A: When you check out, you’ll see a field called Coupon Code. Type it in there.

Q: Your site/shop is too confusing!

A: All shopping cart systems are a little different and can feel confusing to navigate until you work with them for a while. It’s really no different than going to a new grocery store for the first time and looking for a particular item. You have to learn the lay of the land.


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