Cover Flow Your Mac Embroidery Designs!

Cover Flow Your Mac Embroidery Designs!

My friend Brian Bailie (OK, with help from programmer David) has added another cool feature to Convert It Mac—cover flow!

I love being able to snoop my files without having to open them. I have loads of graphics on my Mac that I can easily a browse in Finder using the Cover Flow feature. Now Convert It Mac will let me see my unzipped embroidery files with the same ease.

I really never knew how much I was missing by not have a design library utility on my Mac. Yes, I had some on Windows, but if you're a Mac user like me, Windows is sort of a last ditch thing—even if you do have it right there on your Mac with Parallels or Fusion.

Convert It Mac has really expanded my view of my embroidery files and I've discovered rare gems I had totally forgotten about. Now with Cover Flow, it'll be even easier to browse embroidery designs in Finder.

Cover flow on Mac with Convert It, Mac & Thumbnailer Finder Cover Flow icon

If you've already purchased Convert It Mac, simply download the update and run the installer. You won't see anything happen until you reboot your Mac (or you can simply log out and back in again).

Then just navigate to an embroidery design folder of a type Convert It Mac will recognize (they must be unzipped!), click the Cover Flow icon, and see your designs scoot across the window!

Thanks Brian and David! I hope you continue to make cool embroidery utilities for the rest of us!

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