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Hatch: Creating a Jar Cover from Scratch!

Watch how quickly you can create a jar cover using just the built-in tools and designs in Hatch! Blog post link below. Check the Hatch Blog for a written version of this project (June 2018). I’ll post the actual link when I get it! ITH Jar Cover using Appliqué by Lindee Goodall

Wilcom Hatch – How to Add Your Own Monogram Border

Hatch version 2 now allows us to create our own shapes using the Create Borders tool If you’re still using Hatch 1, you can still create “shapes,” but in this case they are only accessible as monogram borders. In Hatch 2, shapes are created in the same way and are accessible as either monogram frames […]

Wilcom Hatch: How to Create a Motif

Creating motifs in Wilcom Hatch is easy but there are a few tricks. I’ll share what I’ve learned after my recent motif making binge! UPDATE! After filming this video, I discovered there IS a way to reverse the stitching. Select the object and choose Digitize : Backtrack. This will stitch the motif from the opposite […]

Wilcom Hatch: Making Free-Standing Lace from a Monogram Border

earn how to make “instant lace” using built-in monogram borders in Hatch. Also – see what happens when I use a shape that’s too narrow to contain a monogram and what to do about it! Note: These are basic steps that should work in a variety of programs! Update Since this video was released, Hatch […]

How to Sew an Embroidered Journal Cover


Journal and book covers are easy sewing projects, make great gifts, and are perfect for personalizing and embellishing with embroidery. See how to measure and make a cover for most any book and learn tips to make yours more professional. Related Articles How to Embroider Victorian Crazy Patch In-the-Hoop How to Make an Embroidered Journal […]

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