In-the-Hoop Sewing Organizer

To make an organizer fully in the hoop with as few hoopings as possible does require a large sewing field and this one needs a full 200mm x 300mm one. It is not split for smaller machines and I don’t recommend shrinking it.

If you do have one of these larger machines, you’ll appreciate projects that were designed for this hoop size and not just enlarged from smaller ones.

The redwork design on the front is the 5×7 version available separately in the Love to Sew redwork collection.


I will be creating some project for smaller machines, which are planned to coordinate with this one so stay tuned for more!

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Update: There are now quite a few in-the-hoop projects to accommodate a wide range of hoop sizes!


You’ll have your choice of three different cover styles. In addition to the two shown here, a third “blank” one is fully quilted with the same pattern as the first sample, just no feature design. This one will allow you to create the same organizer while customizing it for uses beyond the sewing room.

Other design files are included to create the zippered pocket and the lining. A fully illustrated step-by-step 26-page guide will get you off the ground with the basic version along with extra details for the customized interior.


If you’ve never embroidered an in-the-hoop project and don’t consider yourself adept at the sewing machine, you might be wondering how complicated and/or time-consuming these projects are. The truth is you’ll most likely spend more time selecting your fabrics than anything else!

All the pieces required are simple rectangular shapes cut to specified sizes. If you’re sewing the full in-the-hoop version, if you’re familiar with your embroidery machine and can follow pictures, you’re good to go.

You can make this version with absolutely NO hand sewing whatsoever. The designs for this one are relatively low stitch count and the fabric amounts are small.

The second version will take more time and you do need to know how to finish the binding. The cover itself is much higher stitch count and therefore takes more time to sew. The double-zipper pocket is much easier if you’ve previously made a single zipper version. The button loop requires basic machine sewing and some measuring to figure out the size needed for your chosen button.


You know you want at least one! And they’d make super gifts for your friends or craft bazaars. The full in-the-hoop version works up very quickly!

You know you want at least one! And they’d make super gifts for your friends or craft bazaars. The full in-the-hoop version works up very quickly!


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