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What’s the first thing you notice about embroidery on an item? Placement!

What’s the second thing you notice about embroidery on an item? That it’s smooth, wrinkle and ripple free, and that it has good registration (no gaps).

Hooping Basics for Machine Embroidery

Proper hooping is vital to a professional result. You want the item smoothly hooped in the right hoop in the right place with the right tension – and you don’t want to waste any time doing it. Learn professional hooping techniques in this video!

How to Machine Embroider Free-Standing Lace

Learn tips and tricks for stitching free-standing lace in this full-length class with Lindee Goodall from Lindee G Embroidery. Discover the best stabilizers, threads, and needs to use plus tips for getting a clean result along with troubleshooting and avoiding common problems. BONUS: Use the coupon code mentioned in the video to get half on […]

Why You Should Stop Color Sorting Every Design


Ask most any novice embroiderer and they’ll tell you they love color sorting. Bernina thought it was so wonderful that they built it into one of their machines as a “feature” for when you combine multiple designs. Ask any embroidery software developer and they’ll sing it’s praises too. Me? It makes me want to sing […]

How to Unzip Embroidery Designs using Windows Explorer

In this video I’ll show you how to unzip embroidery designs or any file for that matter using Windows Explorer. I’m demonstrating in Windows 10 and this works in Windows 7 & 8. If you’re still using XP, choose “Explore” after right-clicking the zip file. If you’re using a Mac, Safari will automatically extract files […]

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