Website Updates!

This website is all new again as of August 21, 2019. Check this article for ongoing issues!.

Most of this has been sent out in emails to newsletter subscribers, so if you’re part of that in crowd, you’ll already know this. 

It’s Alive!

The new site went live last week and we’re still ironing out issues, most of them minor. (Compared to all the major things the last guy never fixed!)

Why? This is a whole different platform for everything. Just like moving into a new house where all the closets, drawers, and cabinets are different and things have to be organized.

It’s impossible for me to go through every page, product, blog post, etc. So if you see an issue, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!! via the CONTACT FORM.

08.29 – The Website is Spewing Email

Yes, I know. They are resetting all the order status indicators so you can download. It’s not spam, it’s not phishing, and no I can’t stop it. They’ll be trickling into you inbox (and mine!) until they are all reset.

I did ask if emails could be turned off but unfortunately, email is an “all or nothing” thing and turning it off would also turn off password resets and contact form submissions.

As my friend Lorelee said, “they simply reminded me of what wonderful things I have from you!”

Why You Are Getting Order Notifications

Different shops handle orders differently. And even though I gave explicit instructions on what old status should translate to a new one, somehow completed orders were migrated as “Pending” and could not be downloaded.

The developers are running a script to fix this and as an order status changes, the system automatically sends out an email. 

If YOU think it’s annoying, I’m getting a copy of everything single one in my inbox!

Don’t Panic – You Have NOT Been Charged

  • It’s simply a notification that an order status has changed.
  • Order numbers are different in this shop than old one and orders look different

What to Do

Here’s what you can do:

  • Ignore it
  • Delete it
  • Check it out and see if you can download old orders

Current Known Issues

  • You may need to clear your browser cache to see the new site. If what you see doesn’t match the image above, you may still be seeing the old site.
  • If you previously had an account, it’s still there BUT you may need to reset your password to log in.
  • If you place an order, you may need to re-enter your address details. (A one-time thing…)
  • Some freebies are instant download (“DOWNLOAD NOW”) while others require you to add to cart and check out to download.
  • The shop page layouts aren’t working well in Safari. You’ll need to scroll down to see.
  • Some people are not getting the password reset email, don’t know why. If you’re one use the CONTACT FORM to let me know and I can manually fix it


The last developer broke all the links to products ordered before 2/14/2017. These have been fixed!!!

If you have old orders, please, please, if some of you could check your account history and let me know if you CAN’T download anything. I’ve checked my accounts and it does work.

There are many other fixes as well but this is likely the most important one for you. 

Other good ones:

  • Searching is vastly improved
  • Readability of text is much better
  • The product images are easier to see
  • Blog navigation is improved

Changes That May Mess with Your Head

Orders & Downloads

Order confirmation email will now just send you to your order. You’ll need to work from the new order emails, old ones will not work.

Just log into your account to view order history or download past purchases. 

Downloads are now separate from the orders. I’m trying to get the developers to add some more details here rather than just the product name and a download button.


If you’ve ever been hacked, then you know the importance security. As hackers get smarter, security gets harder and that means more stringent passwords.

This system requires a longer, less “guessable” password. I didn’t set it up that way, that’s just the way it is. 

This is a Work in Progress!

I’m still learning how everything works and what changes I need to make to get it the way I want. Since the migration, I’ve been getting up between 2am and 3am to work with the development team in India. 

There will be one more move to get it from their platform back to mine and during that time the site will be down. Not sure when that will happen.



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