Sandy Hook – What Can We Do?

I learned about this terrible tragedy on Facebook. Since the news is filled with too much sensationalized trauma and drama, I no longer read the newspaper, listen to the radio, and I avoid the news on TV. I do not need this negative energy filling my mind, my consciousness, and the cells of my entire being.

No, I’m not sticking my head in the sand. If something is that big, urgent, or important, I’ll hear or know about it someway (probably on Facebook!). I just prefer to listen to more uplifting or inspiring content via my iPod or internet tele seminars.

Yes, it was a terrible tragedy in Newtown; terrible for many reasons. Where, who, and when making it seem all the worse. Yet children and adults are dying at the hands of other people all the time.

War, gangs, senseless shootings, stupid accidents. Throw in earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis and other natural disasters and it becomes truly depressing. This particular event at Sandy Hook captured our hearts more than others.


Can you fill in the blank from a popular mid-1960s song with lyrics by Hal David and music composed by Burt Bacharach? What this world needs more than anything is love. Love raises the consciousness and vibration of our world community. Outrage and anger lower it.

Yes, outrage and anger are natural reactions. And maybe that’s the fire that lights us into action. That action needs to include love and compassion. It needs to be action and not reaction.


Sometimes it seems there’s nothing I, as an individual, can do in these seemingly overwhelming situations. Actually there is something that can be done. Simply and privately. We can each meditate, pray, or visualize sending loving, healing energy to surround all those touched by tragedies. I do that in part through my Reiki practice.


Experiments have shown that group meditation can lower crime rates in areas. The Global Coherence Monitoring System is studying how the energetic fields generated by living systems and the ionosphere interact with one another. David Hawkins in his book Power vs Force talks about how thoughts and feelings affect emotions and therefore vibrations.

Low emotions like guilt, shame, and blame have very low vibrations. Love and gratitude have very high vibrations. By raising your vibration, you can contribute to raising the vibration of the entire planet!

You probably already know this intuitively. Some people “bring you up” and others are “real downers.” It’s their vibration affecting your energy level/vibration. Just your thoughts can change your energy vibration.


Think about something really negative. Focus on it. Really feel it. Get into it. What is your body doing? What does your face look like?

Now think of someone you love. Focus on it. Really feel it. Get into it. What is your body doing now?

As Louise Hay says, “It’s only a thought and a thought can be changed.” And Wayne Dyer says, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Interesting point of view, don’t you think?

Sounds pretty simple when put that way, doesn’t it? Most of us wallow in the same negative thoughts all the time. What if we just started paying attention to those thoughts and changing them when we notice the icky ones taking over?


A few days after the event, I began seeing more posts on Facebook with opportunities to contribute in ways that use my more visible skills. Making pillowcases. Making scarves.

When I saw the post from Embroidery Library that the PTA is preparing a new school for the children and decorated as a winter wonderland, I knew that was a message for me! Here was a way I could contribute with my unique talents.


As I thought about this design, I wondered how could I send love through this project? Of course, thoughts of love bring the idea of hearts.

I doodled for awhile and came up with this design. I wanted to have a heart for each precious new angel who was at the school. The design ended up with 29 hearts, 3 more than the school children and teachers. I leave the remaining 3 for you to decide.

Maybe one for the designer (me), one for you, who made it, and one for the universal power of love. Maybe you want to assign one to the shooter’s mother who seems to be left out from the count. What about the brother? He has to be facing some major tough times.

No matter how you divvy them up, there are no names on the hearts and my thought is there can never be too much love!

This design is free-standing lace and is heavier than the Winter Jewels Mock Crochet Snowflakes to make it sturdier. You may want to sew it on nylon organza for more durability. The free download file includes most all formats zipped into a single file.

The design is one color and while a relatively high stitch count, it really won’t take much interaction from you once it starts sewing. You may want to pin it out for drying after removing any stabilizer.

Watch this video on the Winter Jewels snowflakes if you aren’t familiar with embroidering FSL.


Your snowflake will easily fit inside a greeting card. Postage on these is minimal. Better yet, stitch up a blizzard! This would make a great group project or even store project!

You can read more about the effort at the PTA website here. If you have spare time this holiday season, please make a few snowflakes with this free lace design. Send snowflakes to:

Connecticut PTSA 60 Connolly Parkway Building 12, Suite 103 Hamden, CT 06514


Unfortunately, this tragedy is not unique. While this one moved me to create this special design, please feel free to make them and spread them around to other places and people who need some love. How about a nursing home? Or a hospital unit?

What about the lonely neighbor down the street. Gather your embroidery friends from your sewing guild or your sewing store and have a “blizzard party.” You’ll have fun and you’d be surprised—your vibration is likely to raise even more than the recipient!


Thank you all for sending gifts, love, energy, thoughts, and prayers. It seems they are now buried under an avalanche of gifts and they’re current request is “no more!”

Please keep the love flowing, not just for the people of Newtown, but for all the people on this planet. Love begets more love. Donate to local groups who need a little love.

This snowflake design will remain free indefinitely. Do we really need some tragedy to show we care?


I’m on a lot of interesting mailing lists, one of which is The Tapping Solution’s. “Tapping” or EFT is an easy-to-learn, easy-to-do self care technique for releasing emotional “crap.” (Search for EFT on YouTube if you aren’t familiar with this technique.)

The Tapping Solution is bringing in experts to help the people of Newtown deal with trauma. I certainly hope they also “tap” into Dr. David Berceli and his trauma releasing techniques, which are even more powerful. Here’s the link to a video with The Tapping Solution: Newtown, CT Update.

Original price was: $5.95.Current price is: $5.95.


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