Insertion Sample

Project Description

Test sample for a larger project. I used the Half Daisy Buttonhole to create eyelets for lacing a ribbon for an insertion effect to frame a continuous border of daisies.

This embroidered panel was then set off with a puffing (or ruching, depending on your opinion of the terminology) insertion set between yellow piping.

This was a very quick and dirty little test project to see if I liked the colors, placement, and effects I chose so I didn’t spend a lot of time making sure the puffing strips were perfect.

In the end, I decided I need different fabrics than I had in my stash and after not finding what I wanted while I was in an “heirloom mood” I abandoned the project. Chalk it up to “shiny object” syndrome!


Designed and made by Lindee Goodall (6/4/2011)

Products Used

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