White Cotton Blouse with Charcoal Florals

Project Description

[widgetkit id=”390″ name=”Slideset: Gallery Subset, lgs010 Blouse”][widgetkit id=”390″ name =”Slideset: Gallery Subset, lgs010 Blouse”]

Purchased linen blouse embellished with stylized flowers from Floral Fantasy.

Instead of black, I used a dark charcoal for a less harsh appearance. The flowers in this set are colored pink and green but that doesn’t mean you have to stitch them in those colors.

The beauty of stylized designs like these is that they can work well in a range of colors—or stitch them monochromatically. The ‘thread police” will not come after you for choosing your own color scheme!


Designed and made by Lindee Goodall (5/16/2011)

Products Used

[widgetkit id=”390″ name=”Slideset: Gallery Subset, lgs010 Blouse”]
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