Adorable, Stuffed ITH Cuddly Bunnies

Project Description

It doesn’t get much cuter than this! After making the smaller, simpler Easy ITH Stuffie Bunnies, I received immediate requests for larger more complex animals. These bunnies are the first in a series.

Each bunny requires multiple hoopings to complete with the final one to attach all the pieces. Sizes are included for hoops as small as 100 x 100mm (4×4″) up to the gargantuan 240mm x 360mm with 4 popular sizes in between. Of course, a bunny loves carrots so an in-the-hoop carrot is also included.

I used knits for all my bunnies in this collection. There’s no reason why you can’t use other fabrics as long as they aren’t too thick for your bunny size. I found the knits to turn easily and the plush sorts I chose to make for a cuddly animal. Choose “micros” for the smallest bunnies and thicker fleeces for the larger ones.

I did do some handwork on these bunnies to add “fingers” and a puffball tail. The two smallest bunnies used purchased pompoms.

The larger bunnies also offer a perfect opportunity for personalizing on the ears or belly. I’ve included appliques here but you could omit the appliques for a larger area to customize. Two of the bunnies come with a bonus front that includes a message.

The fully illustrated step-by-step instructions included tips I learned while personally making all these bunnies plus ideas for customizing your own. I also show you how I got “puffy cheeks” on the bunnies!


Designed and made by Lindee Goodall (2/14/2017)

Designs Used

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