Discount Links & Promo Codes For Craftsy Classes

Looking for fun classes with world-class instructors? Your search has ended!! On this page, you’ll find TONS of discount links & promo codes for Craftsy classes!! These are all my personal affiliate links I get to share with you to save you at least 25% off on every class!!

Have you heard of Craftsy?? It’s an amazing online company that specializes in education. They have an INCREDIBLE collection of classes focused on machine embroidery, sewing, and quilting (and more!) taught by world class instructors!

You will learn TONS!! And, what’s fantastic is I get discount links for all of the classes on Craftsy and get to share the links with you!! So, check back here from time to time to see what’s new and how much you can save.

Before I share links for these fantastic classes, I’ve had the privilege to teach several classes with Craftsy. I want to tell you a little about my classes and how to save 50%!!!

My First Craftsy Class: Thread Savvy

Click HERE for 50% off my first class Thread Savvy: Stitch Flawlessly With Any Thread !!!

This is my first class and a MUST if your thread is giving you “threadaches.” I mean, what is an embroidery design without thread? I talk about thread, tensions, how to select needles, and all kinds of weird and wonderful threads, including the wild and woolie ones! You can read more about this class in this blog post, Create Exquisite Embroidery with Any Thread!

Second Craftsy Class: 20 Things Every Embroiderer Should Know

My second class with Craftsy is 20 Things Every Embroiderer Should Know. I’m really pleased they asked me to teach this one because there’s a lot of inaccurate info floating around out there and now I get a chance to throw in my 2 cents worth. Actually, it’s worth quite a bit more than 2 cents what with my 20+ years of embroidery experience!

Getting off to a good start with embroidery does require some specialized knowledge and knowing it can make your experience pleasurably instead of frustrating. You can read more about this class in this blog post, 20 Things Every Machine Embroiderer Should Know! For 50% off this class, click HERE!!!

BUT WAIT, there’s MORE!!

Craftsy has SO many fantastic classes that are worthy of a peek!! And, you’ll always find the latest classes and HUGE discounts right here on this page!! So, bookmark it and check back here before you purchase any classes to save some SERIOUS mullah!! xoxo!!

Right now I only have the embroidery category up but I’ll be adding more classes. I have favorites in just about every Craftsy category! Chances are you have more than one interest too.

Save 25 – 50% Off on the Following Classes!

I’ve organized various machine embroidery classes by their primary focus, separating out software, and “other,” which are non-hoop embroidery techniques. Other than that, they’re not really in any particular order.

Just click on any of the links below to get the discount any time you want to take one of these classes!

Thread SavvyThread Savvy: Stitch Flawlessly with Any Thread 20-Things-Every-Embroiderer-Should-Know20 Things Every Machine Embroiderer Should Know
Stabilizer Savvy with Terri HansonStabilizer Savvy Hoop Savvy with Lisa ShawHoop Savvy
Big Embroidery With a Small Hoop with Lisa ShawBig Embroidery With a Small Hoop Machine Embroidery With Knits with Deborah JonesMachine Embroidery With Knits
Machine Embroidery With Terrycloth and More with Deborah JonesMachine Embroidery With Terrycloth and More The Machine Embroidered T-Shirt with Eileen RocheThe Machine Embroidered T-Shirt
Machine Embroidered Lace Classics with Hope YoderMachine Embroidered Lace Classics Embroidering Monograms by Machine with Terri JohnsonEmbroidering Monograms by Machine
The Machine Embroidered Sweater with Pattie OttoThe Machine Embroidered Sweater Custom Sweatshirt Jackets with Cindy LosekampCustom Sweatshirt Jackets
Machine Embroidered Cutwork with Evy HawkinsMachine Embroidered Cutwork Dimensional Machine Embroidery with Deborah JonesDimensional Machine Embroidery
Elegant Machine Embroidered Bags with Amanda MurphyElegant Machine Embroidered Bags Embroidering Luxury Fabrics by Machine with Pam DamourEmbroidering Luxury Fabrics by Machine
Continuous-Line Embroidery with Bobbi BullardContinuous-Line Embroidery The Machine Embroidered Quilt with Eileen RocheThe Machine Embroidered Quilt
Appliqué Your Knits With Machine Embroidery with Lisa ArcherAppliqué Your Knits With Machine Embroidery Machine Embroidered Appliqué with JoAnn ConnollyMachine Embroidered Appliqué
The Machine Embroidery Inspired Quilt with Susan StewartThe Machine Embroidery Inspired Quilt In the Hoop Gifts with Sue O'VeryIn the Hoop Gifts
How to Start a Machine Embroidery Business with Marie ZinnoHow to Start a Machine Embroidery Business  

Software Oriented Classes

Editing Essentials: Professional Lettering Techniques with Deborah JonesEditing Essentials: Professional Lettering Techniques Elements of Design Editing with Marilyn York ReamesElements of Design Editing
Editing Essentials: Splitting & Aligning Designs with Penny Muncaster-JewellEditing Essentials: Splitting & Aligning Designs Embroidery Software Essentials with Cynthia HoganEmbroidery Software Essentials
Digitizing Machine Embroidery Designs with Cookie GaynorDigitizing Machine Embroidery Designs Artistic Digitizing: From Inspiration to Stitch with Cookie GaynorArtistic Digitizing: From Inspiration to Stitch

Other Embroidery Classes

Free-Motion Machine Embroidery with Terry WhiteFree-Motion Machine Embroidery Machine Embroidery, Hand-Stitched Looks with Terry WhiteMachine Embroidery, Hand-Stitched Looks
Design It, Stitch It: Hand Embroidery with Jessica MarquezDesign It, Stitch It: Hand Embroidery Embroidering Texture & Dimension by Hand with Sue SpargoEmbroidering Texture & Dimension by Hand