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What About Sharing Freebies?

Even if you are only sharing “freebies” you are taking away from the person who provided them. The goal of free samples is to show you samples of quality and entice you to come to the site, become a regular visitor, and a shopper. Sites like this are not supported by free designs, they are only supported by sales. Share the link not the file itself!

Piracy will Destroy this Industry

Piracy–the sharing of designs and other digital products–is a huge problem in this industry and if left unchecked, will destroy it. Embroidery design and education is my business. It’s how I earn a living. I only get paid when a purchase is made. You may think this is a lucrative business and while it was once, it is no longer. Part of that is due to piracy (eBay is a huge problem) and huge part is due all the free designs. Embroiderers feel there is no reason to buy. For more information on how you can protect the future of embroidery, please read: Piracy: How You Can Protect the Future of Embroidery.