Patriotic FSL Angel

Project Description

When my friend Claudia sent me her edited version of the “praying angel” to make it into a patriotic angel, I was so delighted with the idea that I asked her if she minded if I reworked the original in the same way.

Rework involved replacing the hands with a star and resequencing the design for efficient color changes while still maintaining registration. Along the way, I did a few other tweaks to improve her while also lowering the stitch count.

I did use matching colored bobbins on the skirt area and regular white for the rest.

Of course, you can still stitch her all-white if you like, in which case you will have jumps and trims because this one isn’t optimized for single color or color her for other holidays.

Stitching multicolor lace does require a little extra work so that thread tails don’t mar your work. Bring up the bobbin thread at each color change, sew enough stitches to secure, then clip the thread tails.


Designed and made by Lindee Goodall (6/30/2017)

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