A projects gallery has long been on the bucket list for this web site. However, a lot of things had to happen before I could do that.

It’s Been a Roller Coaster Year!

For one thing, I was pushing the limits of my hosting providers with the amount of content already here. Secondly, I needed to have a theme that would support that.

Over 2016, the site has been moved five times. First, Godaddy moved it from it’s original server to a newer one. At this point, I began redesigning the site to make it mobile (and therefore Google) friendly. But, it was having issues.

So I moved the site to a new provider. At this point, the shopping cart was migrated from an older system to a newer more modern one—which of course necessitated major overhauls on close to 3000 products. Bleah!

Unfortunately, the site was too big/active for their original server so they moved it to another shared server with fewer cohabitants. It was still too much for that server and they were periodically restricting access because of too much activity so I chose a third hosting company, which is where it is now.

I guess 3’s are magic numbers; this hosting company is TheThirdParty. Anyway, the size and activity on LindeeGEmbroidery exceeded their expectations too and we (“we” meaning me and you guys visiting the site and creating traffic) actually crashed the entire server!

After that catastrophe, they moved the site one more time to it’s very own dedicated server where I have room to grow.

It took a bit of work to get everything “playing nice” again due to legacy garbage carried along from previous providers and upgrades but it’s looking good now. It’s great being able to chat directly with a real person who can look into issues.

So it rather feels like I spent most of 2016 doing “web developer stuff” and not enough time doing “embroidery designer stuff.” Hopefully 2017 will be a better mix of balance!

About the Gallery

For the past week, I’ve been writing content and cleaning up and formatting images for the Projects Gallery and although I still have more photos to shoot and more content to write, there are currently 97 live projects in the gallery as I write this. (Imagine writing 97 blog posts in one week…)

The gallery has posts on projects using Lindee G Embroidery designs. You won’t see images of collections or individual designs; those are all in the shop area.

If you’ve ever visited our booth at a sewing show, these are the same samples you can see in the booth. As you can tell by the photo for this blog post, our 20′ booth is very crammed and you’ll quickly be hit with sensory overload trying to take it all in.

Plus, what you don’t see in that photo are the outside walls that are also covered with even more samples!

While photos on the web can’t take the place of browsing “live embroidery,” if you can’t visit us in person, the gallery is the next best place.

How the Gallery Works

The projects are organized by topic so you can easily view categories that interest you. Currently the default selection is “All” and they’re displayed in a “Last In First Shown” kind of order.

Want to see all the quilts? Or maybe projects using building blocks? Or what can be done with BX fonts? Select their tabs.

Interested in my year long embroidery training program and want to see the projects? Choose Echidna PIE.

Select a project thumbnail image to see more details and other images, if available.

At the bottom of the detail page, you’ll find links to related content. For example, under “Skills” you might find “customizing.” Choose customizing to see other projects that use customizing.

Want to be a Star?

Right now, except for a handful of projects created by my friend Ramona Baird and one by Leanne Church, all the samples you see in there were made by me (in my free time – whatever that is!).

I know that some of you are way more creative than I am and I’d love to show off your projects too. To do that, I’ll need a good clean hi-res photo with information similar to what you see for other projects.

If you have little story to tell about your project, wonderful! Include that too!

Only 1 Rule!

There is one rule: it can only contain Lindee G Embroidery designs.

Also, if all you did was produce the design identically to mine, it’s unlikely to be used. For example, if you stitch the FSL pocket angels in white, they’re not any different than mine. I want to be inspired too!

Right now there’s no way to send a photo through the Contact form so just use that to send me info and I’ll get back to you.