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The Embroidery Recipe eBook

Creating great embroidery is much like baking great cookies. You have ingredients and you have processes. How you choose and combine those ingredients and the techniques you use to prepare them for stitching dramatically affect your outcome.
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While perfect embroidery with every stitch perfectly tensioned and placed every time is a myth, quality embroidery is not! By understanding the embroidery recipe and following the quality formula, it’s totally possible for any embroiderer to produce quality results!

Quality embroidery is more than just a good embroidery design. Quality embroidery is like a choice gourmet cookie or a finely choreographed dance. It results from a precise interaction of key ingredients:


    One convenient download includes:

Artwork by Lindee and manually digitized (not autopunched) by Lindee G Embroidery using high-end professional software.

Available formats: (Most) ; all fit 100x100mm hoop

(eb004) - The Embroidery Recipe eBook Copyright 2018 Lindee G Embroidery.

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Tuesday, 17 July 2018
This book is encyclopaedic on the subject of machine embroidery I feel I have learned so much by downloading and printing it out (I like to read hard copy). I am fairly new to embroidery and have been very tentative at trying out new things, but reading this has given me the confidence to widen my scope and try more challenging designs. Lindee your designs are brilliant, you are brilliant and thank you so much for this comprehensive and most readable bible on embroidery Ray Crawford
Mrs Ray R Crawford
Sunday, 10 June 2018
cant download the latest book.