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Fun & Fast Cupcake Snack Mat Project

Fun & Fast Cupcake Snack Mat Project

Looking for something fun and fast? How about this bright and cheerful snack mat? Slightly larger than the popular mug rug, this rectangular mini-placemat at 12" x 9.5" is the perfect size for snacks or desserts.

And wouldn't it be the perfect table dressing for a birthday party? Or how about a set of 4 for some special little girl for hosting her own tea parties?

Tips for Cutting Fabric Appliques with the Brother Scan n Cut

Tips for Cutting Fabric Appliques with the Brother Scan n Cut

After using the Brother Scan n Cut for several appliqué projects, I thought I'd share a bit of what I've learned through trial and error and playing around. Of course, many of these tips also apply to other cutters such as the Silhouette Cameo and KNK Zing. If you don't yet have a cutter, this post may help you decide if you "need" one.

It may initially sound as if there is a lot of prep work involved in using the cutter but truly, I do almost the same prep whether cutting by hand or machine.

A digital cutter just makes cutting WAAAAYYYY faster and of course, completely accurate. (I also have the Zing cutter, which I'll write about sometime in the future as I get more experience with it.)

Penguin Antics

Penguin Antics

I love appliqué! And what I love best is how you can change the look of the design by changing the fabric. Fabric can add pattern and texture that's just not possible with thread alone. And, it can work on fabrics that are otherwise not embroiderable like fishnet.

When I saw this collection of super cute penguin artwork, I knew I had to have it and I knew I had to do it as appliqué. With the proliferation of economically priced digital cutters, appliqué has suddenly gotten much easier!

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