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More Ways to Customize an In-the-Hoop Bag

More Ways to Customize an In-the-Hoop Bag

A plain design can often provide more opportunities for creativity than a more decorative version. Really?

For one thing, you don’t have to worry about any included embroidery design(s) competing with the fabric—or clashing with your ideas. With in-the-hoop designs, you're choosing your own fabrics so why not choose the designs and other elements that make your project "you?"

For that reason, I created a collection of basic in-the-hoop bags that max out popular hoop sizes from 130 x 180mm (5x7”) on up to the newest humongous hoops on the latest Brother and Baby Lock models. And there are some sizes in between.

Tips for Cutting Fabric Appliques with the Brother Scan n Cut

Tips for Cutting Fabric Appliques with the Brother Scan n Cut

After using the Brother Scan n Cut for several appliqué projects, I thought I'd share a bit of what I've learned through trial and error and playing around. Of course, many of these tips also apply to other cutters such as the Silhouette Cameo and KNK Zing. If you don't yet have a cutter, this post may help you decide if you "need" one.

It may initially sound as if there is a lot of prep work involved in using the cutter but truly, I do almost the same prep whether cutting by hand or machine.

A digital cutter just makes cutting WAAAAYYYY faster and of course, completely accurate. (I also have the Zing cutter, which I'll write about sometime in the future as I get more experience with it.)

How to Get Better Results with Metallic Thread

How to Get Better Results with Metallic Thread

Ahh, metallics! So pretty to look at and so pretty frustrating to sew.

Have you tried sewing or embroidering with metallic threads only to have them snap and shred? If so, you may find yourself avoiding using these beautiful eye-catching fibers as embellishments in your projects. By implementing these 9 proven tips, you can improve your results quickly and easily!

Echidna Control-a-Twist Thread Stand

Echidna Control-a-Twist Thread Stand

This is one gadget that is on my must-have list of top embroidery machine accessories.

On first glance, you might think it's no different from those thread stands you buy at the sewin store to use with larger cones of thread but there's one significant difference: the spool pin on this one telescopes.

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