OMG! What a Nightmare!!!

OMG! What a Nightmare!!!

If you've visited the site between Valentine's Day 2014 and mid-April, you saw the dreaded "site is offline" message.

I'm thrilled to say it's back up now having been totally rebuilt from the ground up. It has been a major investment in time and resources by more than just me.

The site is live but limping and still has a long way to go to be as functional as the previous pre-crash site. At least it's accessible!

Find out what's changed, what's working, and what's not.

It's Alive!

While it took about 9 or 10 weeks longer than was originally predicted, Lindee G Embroidery is now back online! YAY!!!

This site is now built on totally different platform that promises to support growth and expansion better than the old one. /

The downside is that development is much more difficult, unintuitive, and, well, squirrelly. Before you write to me about problems, here's a list of current issues that are still under development.

New Platform, New Design

It wasn't possible to reproduce the look and feel of the previous site in this content management system and shopping cart.

So yes, things look different, links are different, and the organization is a bit different but not so much from the old one that you'll be completely lost.

What is the same is the content. Some of it is still not up since I have to manually rebuild it from the other site and unfortunately it's not a simple copy and paste job. I wish!

Why Wasn't the Old Shop Restored from a Backup?

Yes, there were backups. However, the hosting techs were unable to tell me why the site crashed in the first place and why restoring from a back up didn't work.

The general consensus was I had too much content for what I was using and it was time to step up to something that could handle expansion.

That was already in the plans for this year but we didn't realize we were so near the edge.

Known Issues as of Post Date

  • All links you may have stored as bookmarks are likely to break.
  • FAQs, Resources, Projects Gallery, and a few recent blog posts are still not up.
  • Figure that every link included in older blog posts is likely broken and will yield a "page not found" error. (I'm gradually working through these…)
  • Formatting has not been done on blog posts dated before April 2017 and you may see some peculiar things.
  • Design details that were previously provided on a tab for each product are gone because there was no equivalent in this shop. However, that information is included when you download the product.
  • Freebies don't work the same way.
  • Product images all need to be replaced because of the way this shop displays/sizes images versus the old shop. (Why some images are microscopic in this shop vs actual size in old one.)

What Does Work

  • Your previous password and login are the same.
  • You can order and download new products. Just check your history to make sure you haven't ordered previously.
  • Coupon codes all work.
  • You can read and navigate the blog area and shopping cart and shop. (Just don't use links in the blog posts.)

What's Different

Of course the entire "look" of the site has changed and that has to do with the "theme" or "template" used to display the content.

Previously, on WordPress with the theme I chose, I had way more control over font color, font size, and other doodads like sidebars and menus.

Not so much with this platform. Doesn't make me very happy but it is what it is.

The next biggest difference is in how free downloads are handled. You'll still need to create an account and log in but if your order consists of only free items, you'll be treated to an instant download button without the need to go through the checkout process.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that free designs will no longer be stored in your account and you won't be able to retrieve them should they no longer be free and you've lost yours.

Make sure you back them up safely. I do not email freebies!

As a reminder (repeated from other areas of this site), you should download your purchases as soon as possible and make safe backups. You never know when a digital disaster will occur, whether on your local computer or online.

Product Downloads

Although most shopping carts store order history, they may differ in how many times you can download a particular item and for how long.

Some shops let you download once and it must be done withi 3 to 14 days. Others may offer infinite downloads forever, which was the case witht the previous shop.

This has a good and bad side. You may be tempted to just use your shop account as backup storage or storage until you get around to downloading.

Of course, if you don't download in a reasonable amount of time after ordering, you may forget you ordered something and never download it. Or, the shop could simply vanish and you'll lose your downloads.

No matter how a shop is configured, it is your responsibility to download your products in a timely manner and store them safely.

You, too, need to anticipate a computer crash and how you will restore all your designs. Would you remember all the places where you've downloaded designs? Are they all still available?

Shops can vanish. It might be due to a crash, death of the owner, or because it simply wasn't making enough money to be profitable.

Web sites are not free and providing free blog posts, free YouTube videos, and free designs has to be supported some way. Products may be retired due to lack of action and to make space for newer ones.

All your order history is intact and past files should be available even after all the convoluted gyrations the shop migration caused.

Order history is not as neat a clean as the previous shop, do take your time and poke around before you holler for help. Of course, if you do need help, I'm here it--it just might not be instant!

Freebies Aren't Free Anymore?

The shop software chosen for this site doesn't natively support digital downloads.

That's a real bummer and something I think the developer/expert should have been aware of but it fell on my shoulders to work it out.

I have figured out the downloads (a massively HUGE issue that took ridiculously long to solve) but the freebies are still somewhat in limbo.

Freebie downloads account for the most downloads on this site but they don't pay the bill so they weren't at the top of the list to figure out.

Freebies Update: 6/2017

Freebies in this shop will be handled one of several ways.

  • Instant download. In this case, once you're logged in, freebies will be available for instant download on the product details page. There's no need to check out and there's no history maintained.
  • Pay with Coupon. Some designs are set up to pay with a coupon. Usually coupons are for a limited time only. These require standard checkout and will be listed in your account history.
  • Temporary freebies. Regular designs marked down to free and require checkout.
  • Free with purchase. Some designs may be free with any purchase.

A Work in Progress

Actually, all non-static sites are continually evolving. New content is added. Old content is revised. Obsolete content is removed. Structure is updated for various reasons.

For the past 3 weeks I've put in 16-hour days trying to restore content to this point. A developer did the structure and while the shopping cart products were moved in, the formatting was wrong and they had no downloads.

While it's not where I want it to be, it's useable. Hooking up an average of 7 downloadable products for each of the 3000+ designs and other downloadable media has been a huge effort as has been rebuilding the blog posts.

Refinements will continue to happen but I do need to catch up on a few other things so progress will slow down a bit.

If you have problems, you can always email me through the Contact page.

Checkout Problems (Updated 5/2017)

Having trouble checking out? Getting that spinning icon and nothing completes? Try This!

This could be due to recent software upgrades to the latest and greatest by the hosting company. I can tell you that most people are NOT having this issue and it's not an issue with the site itsel

If you're experiencing this issue, I can't fix it but you can. When I've experienced this on various sites, the following things have worked:

  • close the tab, and open a new one and navigate back to the site
  • quit your browser and restart it (I do this a lot with Firefox)
  • try a different browser*
  • make sure your browser is the latest version
  • if it's still not working, try disabling popup blockers (I don't think this is the cause but it was recommended to my by a developer)

When you log back into your account, whatever you had in your cart will still be there.

* Use a different browser means if you're using Explorer, try Firefox or Chrome. Just pick a different one.

The Site is Reaalllyy Sloowwww…

Yes I know! The site experienced a DDoS starting sometime around around 6/18 which is causing a huge slow down, (A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is an attempt to make an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources.)

This is not affecting your accounts, or security, just causing so much traffic that it's dragging the site down to a snail's pace. 

The hosting guys are working to clear this up but's a messy thing. DDoS attacks are becoming more common for all sties (just like all those annoying robo calls on the phone).


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