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2017 2nd Annual Virtual Sewing Expo Specials

2017 2nd Annual Virtual Sewing Expo Specials

It's Baaaack!

Monday, September 11 is the opening day of this year's 2nd Annual Virtual Sewing, Quilting, and Embroidery Expo.

Are you coming? All you need is a computer or mobile device and an internet connection! And it's totally FREE!

Most of last year's presenters are back again this year with all new classes on sewing, quilting. and of course, embroidery!

UPDATE! Expo 2017 is Over! But…

UPDATE! Expo 2017 is Over! But…

This year's Virtual Sewing, Quilting, & Embroidery Expo is over!

If you missed it, you can still purchase recordings of all the instructors along with bonus videos including the Expert Interviews.

HOWEVER, I've made my classes available on YouTube so you can watch them again - or for the first time if you missed the Expo.

Some specials may no longer be available (Expo pricing expires after September 2017) but may return. Signup for the newletter to be notified of new specials.

I Missed the Expo! How Can I Watch ALL the Experts?

I Missed the Expo! How Can I Watch ALL the Experts?

What if you can't attend during the time it's available? Or, what if you want copies of all the classes?

You can purchase digital versions you can download and watch on your own computer. Special pricing is in place for that and I'm not sure exactly what the deals are. If you order before the event starts, it's only $67 and it goes up in stages after that.

  • Up through Midnight Sunday Sept 10: $67.00
  • Monday September 11 through Midnight September 24: $99.00
  • Monday September 25-Midnight Sunday October 1: $149
  • After October 1: $197


Get A Sneak Peak

If you attended the Meet the Expo Experts webinar, you were able to "meet" most of the presenters and find out what we're teaching.

NOTE: There's usually a replay of these webinars; just register for the expo to get more information.

If not, then you can see what I did last year in the following video: How to Machine Embroider Free-Standing Lace. While the focus is FSL, you'll learn a lot of tips that apply to other embroidery as well.

FYI: There's also a coupon code in this video for a discount on the Hope Angel and it's still good! I don't know if there's a ribbon color for floods, but those folks affected by Hurricane Harvey could use some hope!

Last year I taught a class on machine embroidered free-standing lace, which I have since reposted on my YouTube channel. Last year's sessions were long, more like a full length presentation you'd attend at a live event.

This year instead of having 1 long class, we're doing two shorter ones. Some instructors are doing two different topics, others (like me) have divided their topic into two separate sessions because it just didn't fit into a 15 minute segment.

This Year's Topic: Professional Pointers for Pucker Prevention

This Year's Topic: Professional Pointers for Pucker Prevention

The feedback from last year's class was so positive that I decided to do another technique oriented class that would be valuable to all embroiderers no matter what you're working on.

I chose pucker prevention because I often see photos posted on Facebook with this issue and the poster wanting to know how to fix it. And I've seen some pretty strange "fixes" listed in the replies!

Puckering happens to all of us at some point and there's not just one cause or fix; it can be combination of multiple things such as hooping and stabilizing, your fabric and design combination, machine settings, thread type, needle type and size and more!

In fact, there are so many things to cover that it took both of my 15 minute sessions to cover them! If you do machine embroidery or are thinking about getting an embroidery machine, you'll want to watch these classes!

But Wait, There's More!

This year we could add a little more and I created a short video showing quilt-as-you-go quilts, table runners, and mug rugs. All the quilting (and some of the piecing) was done in the hoop.

I don't go into the "how" of the process but I do give you a coupon code to get a free 40-page ebook that covers all that.

Quilt-as-You-Go Basics retails for $9.95 and is included with several recent embroidery sets designed for QAYG. Even if you don't embroider, this ebook is a good resource.

You must use the coupon code from the video on the Expo Sneak Peek pagea> when checking out to get the ebook for free!

Looking for products listed in the video sessions?

  • Quilt-As-You-Go Basics - 40 page ebook - use your coupon code to get it for free!
  • Echidna Hooping Stations - EVENT PRICING - NO COUPON NEEDED!
  • Birth Month Flowers of the Year - quilt project
  • Quilted Baby Animals - make this quilt in just one day! Read more in this blog post.
  • It's a Girl! Baby Girl Quilt - designs + project instructusions and brand new, It's a Boy!
  • Baby's First Quilt - appliques with coordinating quilt blocks plus optional echo quilting around appliques
  • Ocean Dreams quilt - satin stitch and bean stitch nautical motifs with optional coordinated quilting blocks
  • Cabin Fever - Piece in the Hoop Blocks
  • Feathered Quilt Blocks - can't free motion perfect feathers? Let your embroidery machine do it. Multiple sizes.

Special Pricing Thru End of September! Up to 50% Off!

HURRY! These specails are for a limited time only!

Other Items Mentioned in VSG Videos

Here are links to other items mentioned in the videos. In the revised versions posted on my YouTube channel, there's an addtional coupon code to get $10 off on Anatomy of a Design.

I also mentioned coloring embroidery using the Tangled Floral Doodle Blocks with colored pencils. A link to a related blog post is at the end of this post.

PLUS! Special Event Pricing on the Echidna Hooping Station

PLUS! Special Event Pricing on the Echidna Hooping Station

In my videos, you'll see me using the Echidna Hooping Station. Proper hooping is a vital step in quality embroidery and a bad hooping cannot be undone!

What is a good hooping? It means your item is smoothly hooped at the right position in the right size hoop with the hoop properly tensioned, and with the right stabiliizers. A hooping station can help with accurate placement and it makes hooping faster and easier.

Special Pricing on Hooping Stations During the Expo!!!

Now through the end of the September (2017), you can get event pricing on the hooping station along with free shipping (up to $50 savings!) and a free CD with over 50 premium embroidery designs that are not otherwise available as a set.

  • Small Hooping Station - Reg 199 - Now $179 - save $20
  • Large Hooping Station - Reg 349 - Now $299 - save $50
  • Combo with both Hooping Stations - Reg 449 - Now $399 - save $50

  • Free shipping in the U.S. only! We can ship elsewhere but extra shipping charge will apply.
  • All retail orders also include a bonus CD with 50+ multi-format designs ($300 value)

See Hooping Station Options or read more in the linked post at the end of this article.

Get a Free Collection!

Get a Free Collection!

If you aren't a subscriber to my newsletter, I invite you to sign up, Once you click the "confirm" link from the newsletter system, you'll receive a second email with a coupon code to download the special collection.

Newsletters contain information on new blog posts, videos, events, designs, and specials. You can unsubscribe at anytime.

The newsletter is not tied to the shopping cart so if you've created an account to download products, you won't automatically get the newsletter. Likewise, unsubscribing from the newsletter does not delete your shop account.

Note: The so-called expert developer with the UI specialty who set up this template somehow thought black on the navy blue was good design. If you can't get signed up for the newsletter through the form, use this link:


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