Are We There Yet Mommy?

The new shop is up and appears to be working quite well now. It was quite a ride getting there and there still may be some rough spots. If so, just let me know and we’ll work it out! I do try to respond to emails promptly but I do sleep and do a few other things; so don’t expect live chat type service.

It’s Been a Long Road!

There have been drastic changes on the website, specifically, the entire web shop has been migrated into a new system. This shop is entirely different software and hopefully will solve a few issues. I’ve spent the last five eight weeks glued to my computer working on this (and many months preparing) and I’m ready to come up for air!!!

The old shop system was a great choice back in 2009 when it was set up but now there are more updated and better supported shops that integrate better with my blog. It was more than time to just suck it up and do it. That meant swapping out my digitizer cap for my developer one since Lindee G Embroidery is pretty much a one-woman deal, especially in those areas.

Technologies change and sometimes only a simple tweak is required. Other times you need to just start over.

Fortunately I do know enough to do it myself but because I don’t do it often enough (and I’d rather do other things like embroidery!), the migration was not as smooth, easy or painless as I’d hoped.

New Features!

All downloads are now not only unlimited time, but unlimited amount, and all supported formats. Lose a file? Hard drive crashed? No problem! Log in and get them back!

  • All available formats are added automatically! The old shop required pre-selecting desired formats, this one lets you select AFTER your order is complete! And that includes past orders as well.
  • Designs now feature color swatches instead of just thread color numbers, making it easier to match to your own thread stash.
  • Mobile friendly! Now shop from any device, anytime, anywhere! Download to DropBox or something similar and then access on your computer or log in and download later.

Your account and previous orders have been transferred as well but your password likely has not. Just request a new one. This system requires you to use a more complex password for security reasons so your old one may not be allowed if it doesn’t meet the requirements.

Side Note About Formats

No, not every known embroidery format is supported on this site. Doing so adds to the space required to host all those formats and the time it takes to hook up a new product in the shop—a lot of overhead that isn’t justified by income or the number of downloads for an old or less popular format.

Embroidery format conversion programs have been around for years. If you’re downloading designs from the web, you likely have a computer. Owning a customizing program that can open and save any format is a very handy thing to have. I believe there are even mobile apps that can convert embroidery designs.

If you need to do mass conversions, there are programs that can convert entire folders of designs to one your machine prefers with just a few clicks. I use Convert It Mac (Mac only) and Buzz Tools (Windows only).

Conversion software DOES NOT convert a non-embroidery file (an image, for example) into stitches. Read more about conversion here.

Find a Problem?

As with all moves, snafus can occur. And with a shop with over 2700 products, things are bound to happen. Imagine moving everything in your kitchen into a new one with a different layout and you’ll have a good idea!

If you do run into issues, don’t get all bent out of shape. Please let me know so I can work it out!

Known Problems

Because every product link has changed, all past links to shop products from other sources are broken. I’ll be updating the ones in the blog posts and replacing the instruction PDFs as I get to them. This is a completely manual (and very tedious!) process so it will take quite a bit of time.

Other links – those on other websites or places like Pinterest and Facebook are unlikely to never be fixed and will lead to the dreaded “404 page not found.” Fortunately that goes to my home page so just navigate to the shop and do a search.

Also, all the FAQs related to the old shop need to be rewritten and new videos made. Another time-sucking thing on my to-do list…

In the meantime, I’ll cover the questions I’ve gotten so far in this blog post.


Thanks to those who wrote me about issues they encountered. I think I’ve got them all corrected but please, if you do find something that doesn’t work, let me know so I can fix it.

I think I’ve got the download issues with the the PDFs corrected and I’ve added PDF versions to the ebook links in addition to the zip files.

Getting Order Notifications When You Haven’t Ordered?

While all the past orders transferred, this system uses a different method for enabling downloads and we’re going through each of those past orders and setting them to complete. As we do so, it automatically emails out a message.

If we don’t update the status, you won’t be able to redownload any items on those orders!

It’s an automated thing, just disregard it. And the more old orders you have, even if they were all just freebies, the more of these you’ll get.

Some people have asked why they’re just not getting notified when the order was placed so long ago, You would have gotten a message from the old shop when it was initially purchased, so this isn’t just a delayed notification

Don’t worry you weren’t recharged! This isn’t a bill nor has the site been hacked as some of you have feared. If you haven’t logged into the new shop yet, you’ll need a new password.

Some people have emailed me concerned that their account might have been hacked or that they’ve been charged again. Fortunately it’s something far less serious!

Password Issues

Your old password will not work with new shop. Passwords were not transferred with the migration and you’ll need to create a new one. Most of you are having no problems doing so, but for a few of you it’s quite frustrating.

This system requires more secure passwords to reduce hacking. If you’re having trouble making one, I can generate one and send it to you so you can get in. Once you’re in, you might be able to change it to something you can remember.

And before you send me a nasty gram about how “I’m too hard on passwords”—it’s not me! It’s this system—and sometimes your browser. Try clearing your browser cache and restarting your browser. That’s solved the problem on other sites where I’ve encountered this issue.

Can’t Access Old Orders Because They Are “Pending”

Due to the volume of old orders, the time it takes to change their status from “pending” to “complete,” the overhead in processing placed on the server, and the fact that doing so automatically sends out an email, I’ve stopped this process after going back two years.

If you need to access anything older, please contact me and I’ll activate your orders based on the email you provide.

Other Recent Issues:

508 Errors

Apparently the recent shop migration overwhelmed the server where my site was located and many of you encountered a “508 Error: Out of Resources” page. The hosting company determined I needed an upgraded plan, which necessitated a move of the entire site to a new server.

However, I discovered these are still occurring. They do tend to be temporary so if you encounter one, just try again. In the meantime, I researching a better solution.


“Site Moved” Error Page

Of course, there’s never a good time to do something that will make the site unavailable and probably the worst time is after a newsletter with new product announcements! If you visited the site during the move, you probably saw other error screens.

The worst part was that even after the site was back up, I couldn’t get into it or even view it in any browser! Thank goodness the hosting company has good tech support; I logged about 8 hours of live chat getting things back together. I’ve been on live chat with them so many times I wonder if they think, “Oh no, her again!” when my name pops up.

The good thing now is that the 508 errors should be history and the site should be faster.

404 – Page Not Found when Clicking Blog Post Titles

Other short-lived errors after the server move included 404 errors on blog posts; this too has been corrected. I surely did not think I’d have to check every single thing after the hosting company moved the site to another server within their own company!

Problem Getting Passwords When Requested

Some people are having issues getting emails from the password system. You need to whitelist in your email system. If you aren’t getting these emails, then likely you aren’t getting notifications from the shop about orders.

Product Links in Emails Not Working?

A few people have reported that the links to products in their emails are not working. If you find this to be the case, just go to the site, log into your account (go to My Account on the Shop menu or click the Log In option), view your orders and download from there.

Thank You Again!

Thanks to those who’ve been so patient and helpful during this migration mess! You guys are wonderful! It’s interesting to note that the ones have screamed and bitched the loudest are the ones who only ever download free things…

It’s easy to forget how effortlessly technology has enabled us to access things “right now” and not realize that making it so is not also instant and effortless.

As Arthur C. Clarke, a brilliant futurist and writer,wrote for the third of his famous three laws, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”