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Sweet Treats for Your Sweetie – ITH Zipper Bag

I saw a little quick video on Facebook the other day where a candy wrapper was turned into a small zip bag and thought it would be fun to do with an in-the-hoop (ITH) project. The original inspiration project used King Size candy bar wrappers, covered them with strips of clear packing tape, and then stitched the panels to create a lined zipper pouch. Definitely not a haute couture handbag but the fun factor made up for that. The biggest problem with duplicating this technique with an ITH project is size.  When you sew a bag from scratch, you...

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The Long-Awaited Projects Gallery is Now LIVE!

A projects gallery has long been on the bucket list for this web site. However, a lot of things had to happen before I could do that. It’s Been a Roller Coaster Year! For one thing, I was pushing the limits of my hosting providers with the amount of content already here. Secondly, I needed to have a theme that would support that. Over 2016, the site has been moved five times. First, Godaddy moved it from it’s original server to a newer one. At this point, I began redesigning the site to make it mobile (and therefore Google)...

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How Do You Give Back?

As I write this blog post, it’s the day after Christmas, and for many of us, this is the season of giving no matter what holidays we celebrate. Yesterday I spent a quiet day at home knitting and thinking. A normal Christmas holiday for us is busy and chaotic visiting with family and I often have small knitting or crochet projects to keep me calm with all the noise and commotion. Two Christmases ago, I knit 2 pairs of fingerless gloves, two cowls, a pair of leg warmers, and a cabled slip case for my iPad during the Christmas...

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Free Video Class on Free-Standing Lace

Have you ever wondered if it’s easy to create free-standing lace on your embroidery machine? Have you tried stitching lace and been disappointed in the results? It’s relatively easy if: you have an appropriate design know how to control your machine use the right products have the right technique A Bit of History… The first free-standing thread design I ever digitized and stitched was back in early 1995 after Patsy Shields, a Sulky educator, presented a program to our Pfaff Creative Club, a monthly meeting hosted by our local Pfaff dealer, Beach’s Sewing Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. There weren’t a lot of embroidery machines then—possibly Janome, Brother, and what I owned, a Huskygram. Patsy’s program didn’t even mention embroidery machines; she was demonstrating free-motion embroidery on a burn away stabilizer called Heat-Away from Sulky. I realized that I could reproduce that same type of work via digitizing. I didn’t really think of it as lace and indeed, it really more closely resembled the designs I call “instant lace,” which is what a lot of companies call their FSL – several layers of open fill placed at opposing angles to support satin stitches. I call it instant lace because it is much faster to digitize than traditional lace, which must be carefully drawn and planned to hold together after the stabilizer is removed. In the time since the I created...

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How to Use Inktense on Fabric with Embroidery

If you’ve been reluctant to try inks or using media that requires a brush, then I’ve found something that gives you the look of inks with the ease of colored pencils and it’s called InkTense Colored pencils. Basically, using a natural fiber fabric, you color just like any other pencil and then you activate with moisture and that can be plain water, aloe vera gel or textile medium. Once it dries, it’s permanent. It really doesn’t get any easier than this! About Inktense Colors Inktense colors are available as either pencils or sticks (called blocks). Right now, I only have...

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Hi, I’m Lindee Goodall, a machine embroidery designer and digitizer in Tucson, AZ.

It’s pretty accurate to say that I’m addicted to digitizing and I have a major fondness for cats, all things Mac, and Filemaker Pro. It’s my passion to help keep you in stitches—embroidery stitches, that is!

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