Don’t you love shopping at the grocery store when they have those free sample tastes of different foods you’ve never tried? Little mouth watering bites that give you just a taste of the whole pie and let you know whether it tickles your taste buds or sours your stomach.

Now you can try out some sample project lessons with these freebies!

Nearly Instant RedworkNearly instant redwork in Generations

This project was created based on a live webinar workshop that demonstrates viewer requested techniques. Redwork is quite popular and with a few simple tricks up your sleeve, easy to do in Generations. Traditionally digitized redwork can take hours. Image a complex design that you are asked to trace with a pencil. Of course there are a few rules:

  • once you place your pencil on the paper, you can’t lift it
  • you have to trace over every line once and the fewest number of lines twice to avoid lifting the pencil

With Generations, you can digitize redwork in minutes with no tracing and this brief lesson will show you how.

Like those grocery store sample bites, this a mere tidbit compared to the full length projects. This free redwork project lesson includes only a link to the image and no sample embroidery files. Full projects have additional materials which may include embroidery files, artwork, and videos.

Noel from Leanne

NOEL Lettering Project in GenerationsLeanne Church, Education and Support Coordinator for Generations with Echidna Sewing Products in Australia has also generously donated a project working with lettering in Generations. This project shows fun and clever ways to turn keyboard lettering in Generations into an interesting and eye-catching wall hanging. This project makes a nice supplement to Unit 2 in the Learn To Digitize Training series, which really goes into working with the Insert Text lettering function in Generations.

Download the NOEL project.

Ready for a Full Size Version?

At the time of this post, there are two full-featured full-length projects:

Exploring Manual Punch Techniques

This project walks you through creating two golf ball logos, one with an American flag and one with the Australian flag and was based on embroidered shirt I saw on someone at a restaurant. The Aussie version is for all my friends down under where Generations is the number one preferred program for digitizing in its price range. Using no artwork at all, I’ll guide you step-by-step to create your own versions. A full 48 pages of color illustrated steps will leaving you feeling confident to try your own projects.

Sample designs from Exploring Manual Punch in Generations Project

Fringe Benefits

Fringe Benefits project sampleEver wanted to add fringe to a design? It’s actually pretty easy when you learn these techniques. In this lesson, you’ll create a simple fringed flower, learn 3 ways of anchoring fringe, why embossing is the secret to anchoring fringe and how and where to do it, plus how to turn the embroidered stitches into fringe. This 18-page fully illustrated step-by-step guide includes 4 sample files demonstrating the techniques covered in the project plus a fully digitized free embroidery design using the fringing technique.

Free design included with Fringe Benefits project

Special Introductory Offer!

Through the end of March 2010, get either one of the full-featured projects for half off!