Echidna multi-spool thread standI first saw the prototype of this indispensible gadget back in 1997. When we got our first sample in I thought it was only sensible that I take it home and test it out. After a few days, my husband (and business partner) asked when it was coming back. I told him to order more.

I still have that first one in my home studio today and now have addtional ones under all my hone embroidey machines. We sold tons of them through Cactus Punch and when I gave my mom her first embroidery machine, I made sure there was a thread stand to go under it.

So why is this so cool? First of all, it works with just about any domestic machine. It doesn’t even have to be an embroidery machine. The machine simply sits on the base of the thread stand, which means the thread stand won’t tip over like those free-standing thread stands.

The thread stand will hold up to 10 mini-king size spools. Larger cones can also be accommodated by freeing up nearby spool pins. You can load your threads onto the stand in sewing order or simply keep commonly used colors like black and white alwys at the ready. If you have a cat in your sewing room, it will keep your threads from being batted to the floor and becoming cat toys. (I can speak with authority on that point!)

The real advantage I found was that it dramatically reduced my thread breaks. I didn’t make the connection at first but one day it hit me. I always had fewer thread breaks on my commercial machine than my home machines. A signicant difference between these two types of machines is the length of the thread path.

There might only be and inch or  two from the spool to the first thread guide on a home machine. The thread path on a commercial machine is much longer. A long thread path allows the thread to relax and de-kink and therefore reduces thread breaks.

A Rose is a Rose

The Echidna Thread Stand has undergone several name changes. When it was first introduced, I told Gary, owner of Echidna Sewing Products in Austrailia that this name might be a problem here.

And sure enough, one day a customer called up and wanted an “enchilada.” I was sooooo close to asking her if she wanted the whole enchilda but I didn’t.

Shortly after that time, Martha Pullen became associated with this product and it became known as the Martha Pullen Thread Stand. Single once again, the thread stand has taken back its “maiden” name.

Echidna Thread Stand Features

  • Suits most makes & models of machines
  • Holds 10 spools of thread at eye level for quick and easy color change
  • Secure Eyelet Frame won?t move or twist
  • Removable Spool Platform is interchangeable. Great if you have two or more machine
  • Gives better thread delivery ensuring less thread breakage
  • Unique side delivery arm helps remove unwanted thread twists and makes twin and triple needle sewing a breeze
  • Ideal for solving the problems associated with metalic threads
  • Requires NO extra table space and the weight of your machine will keep it stable
  • Unique cutting and clamping device prevents tangled threads

The unique patented design incorporates the weight of your machine to hold the thread stand stable. Unlike other thread stands, the Echidna Thread Stand requires NO bench space or clamping so it won?t clutter your sewing area.

organize threads for sewing

Use a multi-spool thread stand to organize your threads

Check out the Thread!Hemingworth thread spool

In the photo above, the thread spools look like they have little halos over them. The Hemingworth thread is a trilobal poly and has a really clever delivery system, which doubles as a thread protector. I love this thread! I’ll talk about it in another post.

Where To Get Your Own Echidna Thread Stand

Check with your local dealer first but if they don’t have them they can be ordered from:

Update 2014

I’ve been told this thread stand is no longer being manufactured; once stock is gone, it’s gone.


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