Month: August 2009

FAQs About Webinars

I frequently teach classes via the internet through’s E-Classes, which are webinars—short for seminar on the web. Sometimes to announce a particularly interesting or free webinar, you may get an email from me at These are answers to questions and comments I frequently receive after such an email. Because of the volume of email that goes out, I sometimes can’t answer every response individually–especially if I’m traveling and doing live events. Most of the questions I get are answered in the original email announcement–either in the actual body copy or via links in the email. So why...

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How to Remove Machine Embroidery from a Garment

At some point in an embroiderer’s life something happens that requires you to remove embroidery stitches from a garment or other item: A birdnest messed up the embroidery and you want to start over The design isn’t in the right spot You started sewing the wrong design You forgot to mirror or rotate the design You used the wrong color The machine tensions are bad The above list is by no means all inclusive. All manner of bad things can happen to good embroidery. Hopefully you caught the problem in time and don’t have a lot of stitching to...

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Why Are My Outlines Off on My Embroidery Design?

Running stitch outlines, especially around large fill objects, can be hard to control perfectly. If there are gaps between the outline and the stitches, discover the 6 most common reasons to determine if they are a design (digitizer) problem or an embroidery problem. Is it a Design Problem? Digitizing perfectly placed outlines that will work well every time no matter the fabric, the stabilizer, the hooping technique, the machine, or the thread tensions is impossible. What works well and gets perfect placement when tested by the digitizer may not work well for you. If you have a scanned image...

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FAQs About Anatomy of a Design EBook

I’m ecstatic about the feedback I’ve gotten on my ebook, Anatomy of a Design: How to Think Like a Digitizer & Become a Better Embroiderer. I’ve gotten a few questions concerning the book so maybe this page will help you. If your question isn’t answered here, let me know and I’ll update this FAQ. Do I need software to use the book? To view, read, or print the book you need to have Acrobat Reader or some other program that will allow you to open pdf files. To view the embedded videos, you will need to download and install...

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Does Machine Embroidery Shrink Fabric?

I was recently asked this curious question and so I thought this would be a good place to answer it. Technically, embroidery itself won’t “shrink” fabric. However, sewing distortions occur during the embroidery process that can pull the fabric and thus result in the appearance of “shrinkage.” Distortions occur as a result of push and pull (see Embroidery Basics: Understanding Compensation). Stitches push out on their open ends and pull in along the sides where stitch direction reverses. Causes of Fabric Distortion Factors that impact distortion include: The design. The more stitch intensive the design, the more distortion it...

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It’s pretty accurate to say that I’m addicted to digitizing and I have a major fondness for cats, all things Mac, and Filemaker Pro. It’s my passion to help keep you in stitches—embroidery stitches, that is!

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