By Lindee Goodall

How to Get Your Own Slice of P.I.E.

Quick Change Pillow, Month 1 project for Echidna P.I.E. by Lindee Goodall, Lindee G Embroidery

For the past year I taught a monthly embroidery club at a local quilt shop. Turn out was light where in years past, our Extra Punch program with Cactus Punch could draw crowds of 60+ participants. After speaking with other shops and teachers, I found out their experiences were similar. What’s different? People want to learn on their own schedule and they don’t want to travel. They want quality education at discount prices. They want to make only the projects that appeal to them and they don’t want to have to lug in a big heavy machine to a crowded classroom.

Yes, you can stay home and watch YouTube videos for free but some of them demonstrate questionable techniques and you may need to take a seasickness remedy before watching them. Where do they have that camera? Attached to their forehead?

To solve these problems, I’ve teamed up with Echidna to create Echidna P.I.E. and I’m excited!


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Upcoming Classes with Lindee Third Quarter 2013

Do you live in or near Tucson or are you a “snowbird” or planning some winter time here? Check out some of the classes I’m teaching at AZ Vac and Sew/Eagles Wings Quilting.

Sign Up Early!!!

Please note that while at this time Embroidery Club is open to “drop ins,” you must sign up in advance for any other classes. Please contact the store to register for a class (520.790.7041); I can’t sign you up. Class sizes are limited and are subject to cancellation if there aren’t enough students signed up so be sure to sign up early! (more…)

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Are You Using the Wrong Format?

I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve gotten from people who say their hoop is large enough to sew a particular design but the designs are missing from the set they downloaded. In most cases, they have a Designer Diamond and have downloaded HUS format. It really doesn’t matter how large your machine’s sewing field is if you download an older format that doesn’t support large designs.


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New Embroidery Software for Mac Users

Mac users rejoice! Briton Leap has expanded their line-up of Macintosh embroidery software to include 3 products:


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I lost all my designs, can you help?

Uh, in a word, no. Unless of course you purchased them from my online shop and then I can happily tell you to log into your account and redownload them. Many sites allow you do this, some do not. And of course, you’ll need to remember where all you got them. You do remember that, right?

I do feel your pain though! (more…)

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Embroidery Tip

  • Sewing through “sticky-back” stabilizers can result in a thick, stiff embroidery. Before adjusting the design, sew it with a different backing (I like no-show mesh cut-aways) and see if it makes a significant change.


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